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Spring is on its way…

Time to wash off that winter grime!

It’s been a long wet winter, a time when our cars get neglected and forgotten about.

Now the weather is improving slowly and there is hope that the sun will show its head above the the cold damp days of late. Time to get the buckets and hoses out and give your car a treat.

With all the salt and grit picked up from the road, here are a few tips when cleaning your car.

1, rinse car with a hose or pressure washer.

2, use a clean bucket with warm water and a specialist car shampoo/wax. Washing up liquid can be harmful to paint work.

3, a micro fibre wash pad is best as sponges can scratch the paint work!

4, starting on the roof, clean the car from top to bottom leaving wheel height till last as this is the grittiest part of the car.

5, clean the wheels with a separate wheel brush.

6, rinse off the car with a hose, again from top to bottom.

7, using a leather chamois, dry off the car finishing with a clean micro fibre cloth to buff up the paint work.

If your car has picked up any scratches, never fear as we are here to help. As well as Dent repairs, we offer machine polishing and paint correction/protection.

Give us a call for free advice.

Happy Washing!!