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Dent Rewind - Our Services

Specialists in Paintless Dent Removal, Dent Rewind Services include:

Car Park Dent Removal

We all get them, you’ve returned to the car park to find the last person next to you has opened their door onto yours, left their mark and driven off! - We can help!

Trolley Dent Removal

Whether its wonky wheels, runaway trolleys or even worse, you do it yourself. Don’t worry, minor trolley dents are generally easy to remove.

Minor Bump and Crease Removal

Why not call us at ‘Dent Rewind’ and let us give you a free estimate or even email us a picture and as long as the paint has not broken - we should be able to help

Hailstone Damage

Consistent hailstone damage can start to make your car look like a golf ball! Never fear as we can work our magic and make your car as smooth as the day it was born!

We are a member of the ‘World Hail Network’ and we are ready to chase the storms wherever they hit across the world. With high attention to detail, dents are removed without re-spraying the panel therefore, saving you time and money on body shop prices and keeping original paintwork.

Windscreen repair

With all this stone chipping's being put down, chipped windscreens are becoming a common occurrence and if left, can turn into a crack or worse, needing a replacement. We have the latest technology and training to repair most chips and cracks. Act now to avoid huge costs!

Machine Polishing

Over time, vehicle paint work fades due to the UV light damage, car washing and gets the odd scuffs. Dent Rewind have invested in the latest polishing machines and polishes to give your paint finish a new lease of life.

 Headlamp Polishing

Most headlamps these days are made of plastic materials which get damaged due to UV light and chemicals used in car washing. This can affect the beam of the lamp causing dullness at night and possibly, a MOT fail. We can polish the headlamps at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

The Benefits of using Dent Rewind -


Removal can take anything from as little as ½ an hour, depending on the size of the dent, which means not having to be without your car days or weeks.


We specialise in removing dents so a good result is guaranteed.

Selling your car

Increase the value of your car and its sale appeal!

Returning Lease/Company car

Get it fixed more cost effectively at Dent Rewind Ltd before you return it and avoid costly charges

Original Condition

Enjoy seeing your car in pristine, original condition again, without the mismatch of colour from

 a re-spray.

Free Estimates

All of our estimates are free and without any obligation.

Fast and Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our second to none service!